A writer who portrays themselves as nothing more than a witty observer of the world’s random happenings is not worth reading. To care does not expose a flaw in one’s character. Detached amusement has a place and purpose, but a good writer should not resist the desire to be sincere. Find a writer who cares, and you’ve found one with something to say.

I like to think of myself as a writer with something to say. Whether it’s worth reading or not is another matter. I do not speak for my reader, nor should my reader feel obligated to rise to my defense. I am not here to convince you to choose a side, ask you to join me in protest, or provide you with a discount code for supplements. Politicians and (so-called) journalists who claim to speak for you have done great harm.

Garth Brooks is single-handedly holding this country together. That’s what I believe. More importantly, I’ll be damned if I let the woke mob cancel me for stating my beliefs. They may take my Twitter, but they will never take my freedom.

With both sides repelling recruits, we’re on the verge of civil war. The battle lines have been drawn, and the evitable appears inevitable. It’s unclear which side will win, but you can bet the folks with the current thing as their profile picture will be the first to fall.

In these trying times, one—and only one—man has the ability to bring us together. Everyone loves Garth Brooks. You love him whether you’re conservative, or liberal, or your personality is simply unpleasant. He’s the kind of guy who will call your mom on her birthday and keep a big grin on his face while she drones on and on for more than an hour. He can turn your middling relationship into a classic love song, and he won’t judge you for eating two bowls of ice cream because he’s sturdy himself.

I recently had the distinct honor of attending a Garth Brooks concert. For almost three hours, I was able to relive my childhood. I’d forgotten how his songs shaped the man I am today.

A few examples:

Nowadays, “Much Too Young” resonates most. I’m not the man I used to pretend I was—testosterone boosters can only do so much. I read an article the other day that said there’s no reason I should be getting sick nearly as often as I am, and I have the power to do something about it by eating better and exercising every once in a while.

Editor’s note: That was an email from Clint’s doctor, not some arbitrary article.

My point is we live in dire times. We need a leader, someone who can bridge the divide. I hereby nominate Garth Brooks. He’s the most popular person in the world, and he’s not afraid to cry in public. Some say that makes him weak, but they’ve never played acoustic guitar and sung backup vocals while Trisha Yearwood sang “Walkaway Joe” like the country queen she is.

In all my life, I’ve never found what I couldn’t resist—what I couldn’t turn down. I could walk away from anyone I ever knew, but I can’t walk away from this country. I say that as a man who’s never been insecure about the world I’ve been living in. I don’t break easy; I have my pride. But if this country needs to be satisfied, well, get off social media and listen to some Garth Brooks.

That should do the trick.