I’m sure you’ve heard the price of everything is going up.
They say Vladimir Putin is to blame for our bad luck.
And the culture war continues to rage hard and mean;
Kind of reminds me of what my body went through when I was a teen.

Trust in our media’s at an all-time low.
They only have themselves to blame for that though.
No one asked them to divide and lie,
But they keep on truckin’ and I think we know why.

The stars and stripes keep getting drug through the mud.
Causes a big stir, but can’t imagine Old Glory cares much.
She’s seen and heard worse yet keeps flying high —
A lot of men and women died so we could speak our minds.

Doesn’t matter what the current thing is — it always feels like a sequel.
Followed by the suits telling us to get in line or else remain fearful.
The elite demean, mislead, and force everyone else to sacrifice —
Then they break their own rules, demanding adherence to faulty advice.

I wonder who we’re supposed to listen to.
Who do you trust when freedom is taken from you?
Maybe it’s the verified strangers online,
Or maybe it’s your gut and belief in the divine.

Some look to Rogan or those Obama bros;
Not sure a podcast can bring a country out of the throes.
Even Jon Stewart’s back to turning our differences into a game.
He knows it’s all rigged but at least he still has his fame.

You’re not wrong to worry or feel you’ve been abused.
That’s what happens when a leaderless country abandons you.
But let’s not take it out on each other to stoke the flame.
It’s unlikely a small business or your neighbor is to blame.

There’s one thing that’s worked from the beginning of time.
It’s the one thing they tell you to get out of your mind.
Love is the answer and you know that I’m right.
God didn’t send us here to help politicians fight.